Our advice for your trip

The easiest way to get to Belle-Ile is to take the train TGV until Auray (3h15 from Paris by train). Once in Auray'station, you can either take a SNCF bus or a taxi to go to Quiberon. 

Even better, the small train available from july to august called "le tire-bouchon": It takes you from your TGV train to Quiberon. Ask SNCF a ticket Paris to Quiberon.

Once in Quiberon, the ferry takes you to Belle-ile en Mer, precisely Le Palais, in 45 minutes, or, from July 6th 2013, directely to Sauzon, where Le Cardinal is, in only 20 minutes. 

You can also come by car with the motorway Paris to Auray (4h00) and then the small road Auray to Quiberon (1h00). You can either leave your car in Quiberon (a special parking is available at the entrance of Quiberon, by the road you arrive from) or take your car on the ferry. But if you are visiting us in summer, you have to make a reservation for your car long before your arrival (especially in August!)

By plane, choose the airport of Lorient (the closest one) or the airport of Nantes. But if you are coming from Paris, plane makes no sens, the trip is longer than by train.



The crossing

Your holiday starts on the boat, when you discover the island by sea!

The boat crossing (ferry type) departs from Quiberon and is provided by La Compagnie Océane and takes 45 minutes for 15 km to Palais, Belle-Ile.

In July and August, the ocean company's flagship Kerdonis allows you to get from Quiberon to Sauzon in only 20 minutes. The boat drops you off half a mile from the Cardinal.

For more information, call: 0820 056 156 or click here on the Compagnie Océane website.

Reservation necessary for any car passage.

However, we advise you to go by pedestrian and rent a car, why not electric! ( RENTALS ) or a bike on site at the hotel.

Arrival at the port of the Palace transfer possible in beautiful island bus timetables click here, bus stop at Sauzon Pen Prad (20 min walk) or Sauzon Ecole (20 minutes) or shuttle from the hotel at the rate of 2.50 € per pers. Remember to inform us of your arrival, as the hotel vehicle does not present itself to all the boats but only twice a day (once in the morning and once in the afternoon, times vary according to boat arrivals and departures).

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