A vegetarian restaurant in Morbihan to combine nature and the sea

The most attractive vegetarian restaurant in Morbihan is undoubtedly the Nautilus, the table of the Hotel le Cardinal. Facing the sea, in an exceptional natural setting, the table pays a vibrant tribute to nature.

Where to eat vegetarian in Belle-Île-en-Mer?

The attraction of Belle-Île-en-Mer allows for both an authentic tourist offer and a wide enough range to satisfy all curiosities and tastes. Are you there for the day or for a week in the middle of summer and are you looking for a vegetarian restaurant in Belle-Île-en-Mer? It's simple, you leave the pier of the port of Sauzon by the north and 200 meters further you come across the Hotel le Cardinal, the hotel with perhaps the most beautiful of the whole island. And on the first floor of this establishment, behind huge bay windows offering to admire the turquoise and sometimes agitated waters of the sea, you have theAnd on the ground floor of this establishment, behind huge windows offering a view of the turquoise and sometimes turbulent waters of the sea, you have the Nautilus, this vegetarian restaurant in Morbihan whose menu has been completely redesigned to offer an experience 100% centered on vegetables.

What is the experience in this vegetarian restaurant in Brittany?

It's a choice, the one to definitively abandon meat, fish, shellfish and crustaceans on the menu or in the buffet to offer a totally innovative experience, exclusively focused on vegetables. The know-how of the chef and his team, the richness of today's and yesterday's vegetables and the infinite variety of natural products allow for a tasty, innovative cuisine, full of color and flavor. Everyone loves vegetables, but not everyone knows how varied and tasty they can be, offering so many unique textures and tastes. This is what you will discover in this vegetarian restaurant in Morbihan which promises a refreshing taste experience. This hotel-restaurant in Belle-Île-en-Mer, with its splendid view of the coast, also offers the Brasserie for group receptions as well asA copious, gourmet breakfast, now 100% vegetarian, for an experience without animal proteins, but full of flavor and freshness. The hotel still has all its other assets, starting with the view, but also the heated swimming pool, the jacuzzi, the terrace and its position at the foot of a creek which are the promise of a magnificent start to a walk along the GR 340.

Hôtel Le Cardinal
Port Bellec
56360 Sauzon, Belle-Ile-En-Mer
Tel : +33 2 97 31 61 60
Email : contact@hotel-cardinal.fr
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