Welcome to Hotel Le Cardinal for an exceptional stay in a charming hotel in Belle Ile en Mer.

A privileged natural environment and the sea are the backdrop to Le Cardinal, a charming hotel in Belle Ile en Mer. Its pleasant, calm and relaxing setting, bathed in the atmosphere of the Morbihan, is ideal for a serene stay.

A charming hotel in Belle Ile en Mer for an enchanted stay: Le Cardinal

Nestled in a calm, relaxing setting in the heart of unspoilt nature by the sea, the Cardinal hotel is endowed with immense charm, which is further enhanced by its interior design. Everything here is designed to offer you the sweetest change of scenery. The overall decor is modern and elegant, immersing you in the subtle spirit of the sea and sea spray. Every space is designed to enhance your well-being, while taking great care to ensure your comfort. This charming hotel in Belle Ile en Mer is a haven of peace and beauty where you can discover an island like no other.

Le Cardinal invites you to indulge in the simple pleasure of savoring the moment in a remarkable setting, where everything exudes charm. A stay in one of the rooms at Le Cardinal, your charming hotel in Belle Ile en Mer, is a journey to the heart of Brittany, open to the essential: nature, relaxation and the pleasure of enjoying an exceptional setting.

Belle-Île-en-Mer, a destination for pleasure.

During your stay at our charming hotel in Belle Ile en Mer, you'll be in the heart of a region characterized by its beauty and authenticity: Brittany. Belle-Île-en-Mer, a small island in the Morbihan region of Brittany, is an ideal location for a wide range of activities and leisure purs uits. Whether you're hiking, biking or strolling along the beach, the island's charm invites you to discover it for yourself. In the evening, when it's time to rest from your activities, let the hotel's charm take over and enjoy an enchanted interlude. Our rooms are comfortable, bright and elegant, with bedding to ensure the best possible night's sleep. When you wake up, a tasty buffet breakfast awaits you to give you a delicious start to a new day at Le Cardinal, your charming hotel on Brittany's most beautiful island.

Hôtel Le Cardinal
Port Bellec
56360 Sauzon, Belle-Ile-En-Mer
Tel : +33 2 97 31 61 60
Email : contact@hotel-cardinal.fr
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