Hotel restaurant Brittany, rendez-vous at Pointe Cardinale

On the heights of the port of Sauzon, for 3 generations, a family establishment has been offering some of the most beautiful views of this part of the island. This 3 star hotel restaurant in Brittany is Le Cardinal.


Restaurant Belle Ile en Mer, 2 tables for 2 meals

At the hotel Le Cardinal, this hotel restaurant Brittany, there are two different tables. At lunch at La Brasserie, it is the snack or bistro atmosphere. We come there to eat a plate of seafood, a salad or a fish of the day. One settles down there the time of a coffee then one leaves to the discovery of the surrounding happinesses. From the charm of Sauzon, the fishing port which overhangs the hotel to the incredible hikes which one can make on the island, the ideas do not miss. In the evening, your Brittany restaurant is the Nautilus. The restaurant of the hotel Le Cardinal takes on another dimension by offering you, it is unique on the island, the experience of an all-you-can-eat vegetarian buffet. The freshness of the products of Southern Brittany marries marvelously with the accompaniments to offer you a moment of greediness and conviviality.


Hotel with restaurant Belle Ile, and not only

The Nautilus and the Brasserie are the two establishments of the Hotel Le Cardinal. This 3-star hotel from Port Sauzon in the Palais welcomes you in the best possible way. And, to stay in the theme of the restaurant, it also invites you to an exceptional breakfast. If your eyes take a long time to wake up in the morning, they will have no trouble doing so in the breakfast room of this hotel restaurant in Brittany. All-you-can-eat buffet, regional products, Brittany invites itself into your breakfast. Beyond a table largely devoted to fresh products, Belle Ile obliges, Le Cardinal is quite simply a beautiful hotel. Its view, which is enjoyed absolutely everywhere in the establishment, makes its prestige. But there is also the quality of the welcome, the Jacuzzi and the outdoor swimming pool with a view of the ocean, the rooms with premium bedding and designed to welcome couples as well as families on vacation just a stone's throw from the sea. In Belle Ile as in Morbihan, Le Cardinal is one of those hotels where you come once and then return every year.

Hôtel Le Cardinal
Port Bellec
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