Fill up on activities in Belle-Île-En-Mer during your stay at Le Cardinal hotel.

Located in Sauzon, Le Cardinal is a 3-star hotel offering a variety of activities on the magnificent and famous Belle-Île-en-Mer to recharge your batteries and experience this little corner of Brittany to the full.

Wellness and relaxation with our activities in Belle ile en mer.

Located in the rejuvenating setting of Belle-Île-en-Mer,Hotel Le Cardinal is the perfect place for a stay full of fun and discovery. The hotel is ideally situated for hiking the island's coastal paths. These 85km of signposted paths offer beautiful views and allow you to discover Belle-Île and soak up its beautiful atmosphere.

To help you organize your Belle ile en Mer activities,Hotel Le Cardinal offers a hiking package called "En toute liberté". Here, you hike as you please.

If Belle-Île is a great place for hiking, it's also a great place for cycling. Electric bikes are available at the hotel, so all you have to do is reserve one to take advantage.

If you're looking for a wellness break, take advantage of our heated swimming pool, outdoor sauna with sea view and large outdoor Jacuzzi. At Hôtel Le Cardinal, everything is designed to pamper.

A comfortable stay at Hotel Le Cardinal.

For an activity-filled stay in Belle Ile en Mer, it's essential to get a good night's rest. The Hotel Le Cardinal welcomes you to its 63 bright and tastefully decorated rooms. Whether you opt for a double room, a family room, a "Mer" room, a "Mer avec terrasse" room, a "Campagne avec terrasse" room, a "Campagne" room, or a "Standard" room, you're guaranteed to sleep in a real cocoon with very comfortable bedding. Here, you'll enjoy real moments of peace and quiet to help you unwind.

Between your hikes, Hotel Le Cardinal welcomes you to its two restaurants: Le Nautilus with its terrace overlooking the sea, open in the evenings and dedicated to local, seasonal produce, and the brasserie, open at lunchtime and offering a tempting menu. For your breakfasts, a cascade of delights is offered in buffet form.

Hotel Le Cardinal will pamper you for a perfect stay with activities in Belle Ile en mer.

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